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Closet Lighting Installation: DIY
Topic: Home Improvement Author: Ernest Jarquio

People give a lot of thought to really utilizing their closet space by good organization and smart space-saving design. What they forget is the need to provide closet lighting as well.


Unfortunately, you cannot keep your storage area neat and tidy if you cannot see your way around inside. So proper lighting is going to be of extreme importance.

Natural Light May Not Be An Option.


The good news is that there are lots of options when it comes to making sure that your closets have some illumination, but the one source that you usually can not count on in this area is natural light. The reason is that a window can take up a lot of space and might not even be possible to install.


Fluorescent is the Code-Compliant Solution


Safety is most important and you have to make sure not to create any fire hazards in your closet. So really the only option is fluorescent lighting - the only code compliant solution.


You can hire out this job out if that option fits in your budget. But this can also be a do-it-yourself project for someone who is a handy person.


The actual directions for each lighting system may vary but it is important to know a few things before you even attempt to begin such a project yourself.


Steps in Doing it Yourself


First you have to identify which source of power you will be able to pull power from inside the closet. You have to make sure that before you start working on any electrical projects that you turn off the main power source first.


You will want to install this fluorescent light between studs and the same goes for placement of the light switch itself.


Keep the Light Away from any Insulation


You will need to have access to your attic in order to complete this job to fasten the lighting mount, making sure that you keep it away from any insulation so that it will not become a fire hazard.


Another important rule of thumb is not to cross wires - keep black with black and white with white. If you find that you have a confusing wiring system then you should abort the operation immediately and call an electrician. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Lighting that Runs on Batteries


Now if you are not very electrically-inclined then you might want to consider another option for closet lighting. There are some very inexpensive lighting systems that do not have to be connected to the electricity grid but rather run on batteries.


They are small, energy efficient, lightweight and inexpensive. This system requires absolutely no wiring and it is a guarantee that you will not have to end up calling an electrician.


They are just simple light bars that attach under your cabinet or to the ceiling of your closet. These systems generally run on four AA batteries.


These kits include two very bright Krypton bulbs that are situated in swivel pockets, which make it very easy to place the light directly where you need it.


Usually, there will also be two different settings on these lights such as high and low.


It is just really all a matter of how much time and money you are willing to invest on a closet lighting system and your needs.

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