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Easy Guide to Installing Track Lights
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If you're like me then as soon as your child has drawn something beautiful then you simply have to hang it on the wall and display it for all to see. Trouble is many people fail to notice their work of art.


There are ways to resolve this though; one of these is using track lighting to grab people's eyes! This is a great way to control what people look at in your room. There are many different colors and styles of track lighting which may be suitable for your room.


If you're not very good at electrical wiring then you can buy lighting kits which just need to be plugged into the wall. These are extremely easy to install however they are not as professional as ceiling mounted units.


Materials you will need to install track lights: - Drill - Screwdriver - Electrical cables - Electrical Tape - Ladder - Electricians Pliers - Voltage meter - Tape measure - Track lighting kit - Wire nuts - Toggle bolts


It is actually fairly easy to install the track lights:


1. Start by turning off the electricity. Make sure you switch off the correct junction box using your service panel or breaker box. Make sure that the circuit is safe and dead by using your voltage meter. When you are 100% sure that the power is off you should remove the light fixture and disconnect all of the wires. Make sure you keep all of the bare wire ends away from each other.


2. Now you should wire the live section of the light. Put the live wire into the track lighting system and tighten the screw. Pigtail leads should be used to finish connecting the live wire.


3. Decide where you want the track lights to go, bear in mind the current location of the junction box. You can get extra fittings for certain locations. Start by marking the mounting holes with a pencil and drill them.


4. Mount the track unit. Put the wires into the junction box and install everything on the box. Fit the track onto the ceiling. Fit the bolts and screws through the track and put the track onto the ceiling. You should ask for help from your family if you are struggling.


5. Insert the adapter into the track and attach it. Fit the cover over the top of the mounting plate and fix with screws.

6. Install the suggested bulbs.

7. Connect the unit to your houses wiring system. Twist the wires onto the corresponding house wire and use pigtail wires to link them together. Use a ceiling box to secure all of the wires and tighten the screws.

8. Turn power on and test lights

If your lights don't work then you've done something wrong, or the unit is faulty. Turn it all off and check the current, check that you haven't made any mistakes.


When you have the lights working adjust the angle of them so that they position the light exactly where you want it. You could also install a dimmer switch so that you can vary the intensity of the lighting. Now all that's left to do is relax and show off your son's masterpiece!

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