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Fitting Underfloor Heating Into A Carpeted Room
Topic: Floors & Flooring Author: Linda Sumnall
Underfloor heating has many benefits that include it being a straightforward DIY project. This article outlines how two DIY repair people fitted underfloor heating into a carpeted living room. More...
Kitchen Flooring - More Important Than You May Realize
Topic: Floors & Flooring Author: Craig Rowe
When it comes to kitchen remodeling, oftentimes the flooring gets overlooked. So much money is spent on cabinets and countertops that whatever little money is left over goes toward any old floor covering. More...
Removing Vinyl Flooring
Topic: Floors & Flooring Author: Jim Slate
There are basically two types of vinyl flooring, tiles and sheets. Vinyl tiles are easier to install and are easier to remove, however the do have joint lines, and sometimes corners can stick out of the floor. More...
Maintaining your Septic System
Topic: Floors & Flooring Author: Dan Bartels
Itís actually fairly easy to do the maintenance required on your septic system, and is thankfully not as involved as you might think More...
Researching Your Solar Hot Water System
Topic: Floors & Flooring Author: Adam Farell
.....just like with every major decision and investment in your life, you need to make sure that you Solar Hot Water System is sized properly. More...
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