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Build A Natural Pond In Your Garden
Topic: Gardening Hints & Tips Author: Kipp Flynn
Natural ponds are some of the most important aspects of the conservation of our wildlife, both animal and plant. Why not do your bit for the environment and build your own natural pond in your garden? More...
Best Sprinkler for a Small Lawn Build Your Own Custom System
A wide range of lawn sprinklers are available for the homeowner who wants a lush and healthy green lawn. Even if you have a small lawn, you need to have the best sprinkler system for your lawn. More...
Bridges and Rock Beds
A creek, or pond, or waterfall, to modern artistic pebble gardens, or traditional Japanese rock gardens, any of these can be the perfect place to consider installing a beautiful garden bridge. There are very many lovely bridges available on the market today, for every kind of garden style. More...
Water-Features: Is a pond necessary?
Topic: Gardening Hints & Tips Author: Paul Cameron
The only real maintenance is to occasionally clean the filter, and add water every so often to make up for the little bit that is lost through evaporation More...
Olive Trees: A Great Addition to Your Garden
Topic: Gardening Hints & Tips Author: Kent Smithson
One of the most interesting trees you'll ever find will be the olive tree. These types of trees will grow in abundance in the Mediterranean area, some tropical parts of Asia, and certain regions of Africa. More...