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Home Electrical Safety Tips
Topic: Home Maintenance Author: Electrical Safety Foundation International
During an electrical storm, do not use appliances (i.e., hairdryers, toasters and radios) or telephones (except in an emergency); do not take a bath or shower; keep batteries on hand for flashlights and radios in case of a power outage; and use surge protectors on electronic devices, appliances, pho More...
How to Clean Wooden Venetian Blinds and Aluminium Venetian Blinds
Topic: Home Maintenance Author: Peter Collins
Another handy tip is to put a pair of cotton gloves or even an old pair of socks onto your hands and wipe the slats between your fingers. You can also use a small paintbrush to dust the slats. More...
How To Use A Plumbing Snake To Unclog A Drain
Topic: Home Maintenance Author: Jim
This article describes how to use a plumbing snake to unclog a drain. A plumbing snake is a device used to reach blockages in drains More...
Bathroom Renovation - DIY Style
Topic: Home Maintenance Author: Kim Lee
....only licensed plumbers or electricians can and should fool around with such equipment. If you plan out your bathroom renovation project in advance, you'll have enough time to get a few estimates from plumbers or electricians. More...
Electrician Certification
Topic: Home Maintenance Author: James Cooper
Going to a school or institute is not the only way you can become an electrician however. Other ways of obtaining the appropriate qualifications..... More...