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Eye-Catching Art Deco Furnishings
Topic: Interior Decorating Author: Adam Peters
Art Deco furnishings have seen a resurgence in popularity over the last decade. The strong angles and great beauty of this style will give your home or room added visual appeal and interest. More...
Light Switch Plates
Topic: Interior Decorating Author: Jennifer Akre
When you're redecorating a room, it's generally the little details that will make or break its overall appearance. If you overlook them, things won't seem finished and you don't want that to happen. More...
The Simple Task Of Hanging A Picture
Topic: Interior Decorating Author: Leroy Calstard
Among the entire home improvement projects, most people feel that hanging picture is the easiest of all. It is a simple task but you have to take in to account certain factors like the weight of the object and the kind of wall in your home prior to nailing a nail. More...
Painting Windows and Trim With Oil Based Paints
Topic: Interior Decorating Author: Petar Zivkovic
DIY painting can be rewarding and save money. For this reason many homeowners decide to paint their own windows, trim and doors. This article covers some of the most important and overlooked steps one should take. More...
5 Apartment Makeover Tips
Topic: Interior Decorating Author: Danielle Chapman
Your apartment has a case of the "blahs" and its time to freshen the place up! With a little time, a little effort and (best of all) with very little money you can give your apartment a nice little makeover that has a great big effect. More...
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