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Olive Trees: A Great Addition to Your Garden
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One of the most interesting trees you'll ever find will be the olive tree. These types of trees will grow in abundance in the Mediterranean area, some tropical parts of Asia, and certain regions of Africa. Olive trees will do best in subtropical climates that see blank the drier summers and possibly mild winters.

Although many people might think of an olive tree just being an olive tree, they actually come in various varieties. Some will actually be a sterile type while others will be fruit bearing. Certain types of all of trees provide a vast array of varied looks. Some may have weeping branches and others more rigid. Some will have narrow and long leaves while others will not. You'll also see a variety that has been dwarfed very similar to bonsai type indoor plants. However, some trees will actually grow 50 feet in height and about 30 feet wide.


Olive trees have been well known for having the capacity to live many years. As talked about in the Bible, olive trees have an important place in history. It has been known that these trees have often lived up to 500 years and more.


Many different landscapers will like this type of tree because of it being an evergreen type with fruit. One of the nicer functions of this tree will be its fruit that helps produce oil and pickles. The fruit it produces will also come in various varieties as you have seen in stores. Size and shape of this fruit may also vary a fair amount depending on the olive tree type. Those olives it produces will usually be a main ingredient in Italian food restaurants.


One of the other benefits of olive trees will be its cream colored flowers with a sweet fragrance that it produces. This tree actually has each its main flower that has both male and female parts and also a flower that has only stamens.


Also, as talked about in the Bible, the olive tree needs to be pruned frequently. Regular pruning needs to be continually performed in order for the tree to maintain its shape and size. As with other fruit bearing trees, pruning really does help it to thrive better and produce more fruit. However, careful pruning needs to be performed in order to avoid bacterial disease like olive knot.


As with other fruit bearing trees, certain pests can cause havoc on for the olive tree. Pests like the medfly and the Dacus oleae will be the enemies of this tree. Precautions will have to be taken in order to avoid damage done by these pests.


As with other fruit bearing trees, saturated soil may help cause root rot. Appropriate irrigation methods will be required in order to produce thriving olive trees. Also, the health of the Olive tree will be encouraged greatly by a regular supply of fertilizer like nitrogen.


As long as your region supports it, you may find out that an olive tree will be perfect for your own garden or landscaping. You too have the chance of planting a tree like this that may live around 500 years or more.

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