What are “Keywords”?

Keywords are the words that people use when searching via the Quick Find box.

Example keywords are:

·          plumber

·          electrician

·          building supplies

·          builders


What is a listing? 

A listing is your company advert on the directory. There are various options available
depending on your requirements and budget.

Why pay when I can list for free? 

Building A-Z aims to provide a comprehensive catalogue of building related firms in
South Africa .
We therefore offer free static listings. If a business wishes to expose its products
and services to a wider audience, we offer prioritized position “Featured” adverts.
These Featured listings also have additional benefits which can be compared on the
listing options page.

Why have a separate contact page?

The contact page allows people to submit queries and quotation requests online.
Building A-Z will asses the query and notify your company via email or SMS.

How does the SMS notification work?

With every Featured Plus listing you get live SMS notifications. This means that when
someone submits a query or quote request on your contact page you will receive
an SMS with the potential customer’s details.

What are my payment options?

If you opt for a pay listing, there are various payment options. These are:

·          Credit Card (annual)

·          Direct Deposit (annual)

·          Debit Order (monthly)