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Researching Your Solar Hot Water System
Topic: Floors & Flooring Author: Adam Farell

So you have determined that you can afford the Solar Hot Water System that will save you hundreds a year in heating costs. But, just like with every major decision and investment in your life, you need to make sure that you Solar Hot Water System is sized properly, and that the equipment and installer you choose are the highest quality, the most efficient, and the most affordable.


Because of the incredible popularity of Solar Energy due to the incredible financial and ecological benefits they provide in a world that is screaming for both, and the ever-increasing price of traditional heating fuels, many companies are looking to capitalize on short term gains by selling Solar Hot Water Systems at far above what they should cost. This sort of over-pricing is designed to take advantage of you, the homeowner, who is willing to pay any amount they can afford for the benefits of have a Solar Hot Water System on your own home.


In researching Solar Hot Water Systems, I was able to find a company that sells Solar Hot Water Systems; all of the individual components and complete pre-packaged kits, for far less than any of their competitors. Where some companies sell a 20 tube (standard size) Evacuated Tube Solar Collector for over $2,000, this company, Silicon Solar sells their product for far less; their 20 tube Evacuated Tube Solar Collector is priced at only $825. In fact, some of their Pre-Packaged Solar Hot Water Systems cost less, or just a little more than individual Solar Collectors from other companies.


You need to determine which Solar Hot Water System meets your budgetary needs and limitations before deciding which Solar Hot Water System is the right one to purchase for your own home or office. Aside from the best price, you also need to determine a number of other factors about your Solar Hot Water System before you make the decision to purchase it.


=> What size Solar Hot Water System do you need? When researching your Solar Hot Water System, you need to determine what your hot water needs are, what you are going to use the Solar Hot Water System for (Domestic Hot Water and/or Radiant Home Heating), and how large a Solar Hot Water System is needed to provide the hot water that you need.


=> Who is going to install my Solar Hot Water System? Installing a Solar Hot Water System is not complicated, and most plumbers and HVAC professionals can install a Solar Hot Water System without much trouble, but in order to take advantage of many State and Federal Solar incentives and tax credits, you need to have your Solar Hot Water System installed by a certified installer. You should look for a company that works directly with installers, or offers their own installation services.


=> What company’s Solar Hot Water Systems offer the best performance and efficiency at the best price? When you are making a major investment like a Solar Hot Water System, you need to determine which company offers the best quality material at the best prices. In my own research, SunMaxx Solar Hot Water Heaters are the most affordable Solar Hot Water Systems on the market, and according to testing reports, they are also among the most efficient and highest quality.


=> Which Solar Collector is right for you? There are two main types of Solar Collectors used in Solar Hot Water Systems; Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors and Flat Plate Solar Collectors. Flat Plate Solar Collectors are perfect for warmer Southern Climates where freezing and long winters are not a problem, while Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors are great for those colder Northern Climates where freezing, long winters and short days are big problems.


A little research on your part will help you determine all of the factors revolving around your Solar Hot Water System, including the size of Solar Hot Water System you will need, what type of Solar Collector you should invest in, which company you should purchase your Solar Hot Water System from, and who should install. You need to answer these very important questions before settling on which Solar Hot Water System.


If you are looking for a company that offers all of the right answers to all of these questions, you should look at Silicon Solar, manufacturers of the SunMaxx Solar Hot Water Systems. You can find their Solar Hot Water Systems at